HeadONE v2

Pocket-sized very smart motion unit for stunning motion-controlled videos, time-lapses and much more.

HeadONE v2

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What's new with v2:
⬤ Allows hand-control to set poses. ⬤ Face tracking with Phone Mode. (iOS only) ⬤ Can rotate 2x faster. ⬤ Safety lock switch.

⬤ Also: New Tilt Module v4 allows vertical camera orientation. (sold separately)

HeadONE is full of features that make it a must-have in every content creators backpack.

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HeadONE's design allows you to carry only what you need, ensuring your equipment is as agile as your creativity.

Pan (Single HeadONE)

Get HeadONE and use it to control your pans smoothly for nice panoramic videos, 360º photos and motion time-lapses. It is also great for repeating the same shot several times to achieve fascinating visual effects shots.

Pan + Tilt (Dual HeadONE)

When you add a second HeadONE (Tilt Module required), both devices discover each other and pair automatically in the background. This way, you can control both of them with the same App. With the addition of tilt axis, you will achieve much more interesting panoramic videos, 360º spherical photos and motion time-lapses.

or Remote

Intuitively set angles by hand or effortlessly command via edelkrone App.

Allows Hand-Control to set Keyposes

Manual control gives an unprecedented speed and ease to your workflow and makes the entire process much more intuitive.

Remotely control with the edelkrone App

To control from a phone, watch, tablet or Mac (with M processor) use edelkrone App.

To control from other PCs and Macs you can get USB Adapter (USB adapter is only compatible to older version HeadONE v1)

Perfect Repeatable Motion

HeadONE and all other edelkrone motion control devices can perfectly repeat any camera motion. Add some masking magic with your favorite video editing software, and wow your audience.

Face Tracking

(iOS only)

Phone Mode enhances HeadONE with Face Tracking capabilities. Whether you're using a single HeadONE or dual HeadONEs, Phone Mode ensures that your camera (or phone) follows your subject's face with precision, and it's all done through the convenience of your phone.

Whether you're recording presentations, hosting webinars, vlogging your adventures, conducting interviews, or capturing documentaries, Phone Mode will keep you at the center of attention.

*Currently, Phone Mode becomes accessible only when you connect to HeadONE(s) as stand-alone.

Recording directly to your phone

Simply attach your phone to HeadONE. Once you activate Face Tracking, HeadONE(s) will elegantly keep the face within the frame, delivering smooth panning and/or tilting for your phone. Both Front and Back cameras of phones* are supported in both horizontal and vertical orientations.

We recommend using an edelkrone PhoneCLIP to attach your phone.

Recording to your camera

By attaching the phone on your cameras hot shoe, you can leverage your phone's face tracking capabilities while recording to your beloved camera. Again, both front/back cameras and both orientations are supported.

360° Mode

360° mode allows you to take panoramic gigapixel photos as wide as 360 degrees. You take many photos next to each other line by line, and stitch them on the computer to get ultra high resolution and wide angle shots of any environment.

360 mode becomes accessible on the edelkrone App when you connect to either HeadONE as a stand alone device.

Add Product Turntable Kit for 360º Product Photos & Videos

Product Turntable Kit includes 2 different bases (white matte & black glossy) and shutter release extension cable. It’s the complete solution for automated 360º product photography. It’s also ideal for rotating product videos for packshots.
Learn More.

Built-in 360º panoramic photo mode

Just enter how many photos you need and HeadONE takes care of the rest. Giant and precise panoramic photos awaits you.

Unlock Many More Possibilities

Add FlexTILT for Instant Framing & Balancing

Unlike any other camera head, FlexTILT Head gives you the chance to adjust your camera’s front-back balance no matter what your tilting angle is. The FlexTILT Head also gives you height adjustment. It is a great companion to HeadONE especially when you are using it directly on ground without a tripod.

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Add StandONE to Get Low on Any Surface

StandONE is an ultra portable (foldable) and ultra durable stand that will let you position anything you attach to it on any surface. The flexible leg design will let you angle HeadONE on various inclines steadily.

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Add PhoneCLIP to Attach Your Phone

PhoneCLIP is a flexible micro phone mount with many talents. It is the easiest way to use your phone with HeadONE.

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No Cable Crowd

Connects Wirelessly with edelkrone Sliders / Jibs / Dollies

When HeadONE is combined with a slider, jib or dolly, you can easily program 3-, or 4-axis camera motions. You can record never-before-seen, amazing motion time-lapses and visual effects shots with any combination you choose. The devices pair instantly in the background.

Super easy time-lapse programming

Setting up a motion time-lapse is the easiest with edelkrone App. In your time-lapse videos, you can have a simple transition between two keyposes or you can convert a recorded complex camera motion into a time-lapse with a single button.



edelkrone App

The edelkrone App stands out as a comprehensive and intuitive control platform, designed to seamlessly and wirelessly control all edelkrone devices from both Apple and Android devices. Learn More.

Tech specs

Size (L x W x H)

3.90 x 3.75 x 1.87 in (99 x 95 x 47.5 mm)


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